• Sustainable cosmetics with biopolymers - Premium Beauty News

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    In recent years, sustainability in the personal care industry has drawn considerable attention from media and society. Consumers want to know exactly the impact on the environment and climate a product has, how and where raw materials are sourced and what processes are used. Digitally connecte

  • A ‘green wave’ in America | Canada's National Observer: News & Analysis

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    Climate hawks were bracing for a red tsunami in the U.S. midterms, but by Tuesday night, some were dancing around their living rooms, calling the results a “green wave.”

    There may be just the teensiest bit of boosterism in that characterization, but there’s no doubt that clean ener

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    In the FINAL BATTLE of 2022 March Mammal Madness, Grandma Orca faces the Pride of Lionesses. In Alaska, other marine mammals interact peacefully with fish-eating, resident ecotype Orcas. Minke whales and Dall's porpoises will swim alongside resident Orcas. The porpoises & resident orca

  • Really Bad Metal Album Covers Of The 80s - XS ROCK

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    Hi, what are you looking for?

    Featured Articles Hard Rock & Metal

    Featured Articles Hard Rock & Metal

    Featured Articles Hard Rock & Metal

  • Victoria: Snake sightings soar in residential areas affected by floods

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    Wanking, flicking the bean, bashing the bishop, tossing yourself off, beating the meat, digging for clams, creaming an oyster, charming a snake – these are just a few colourful euphemisms at the opening of The London Vagabond ’s latest book, which explores masturbation within today’s se

  • I’m turning a deaf ear to politics and focusing on drops | Nancy Eshelman - pennlive.com

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    Sick of it? I am. The politicking, the insults, the exaggerations and outright lies. Today, I’ll make it all go away. Poof. I’ve already voted, so I’m turning off the election noise by switching the subject to something important to me: my right ear.

    My ear’s been feeling wonky f

  • This Is What Makes The Dodge Viper One Of The Best V10-Engined Cars Ever

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    A V10 engine is nothing to sneeze at, and the Dodge Viper makes arguably the best use of it.

    The Dodge Viper has bark, and a whole lot of bite - snake venom in the form of synthetic oil and gasoline used to power the Dodge Viper's robust V10 engine.

    Starting at around 400 horse

  • CB begins probe into snake venom seizure

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    The Crime Branch (CB) on Tuesday started a probe into the seizure of the huge quantity of snake venom in Bhubaneswar on March 27, 2021.

    A team of the Crime Brach reached the city Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) office and sought more information regarding the case.

    Snake venom wort

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