Cosmetic-grade powder ultramarine (blue, pink, purple)

                                                       Cosmetic Grade Ultramarine PigmentsThe ultramarine family of colors includes blue, pink and violet.Description: Inorganic, high-purity

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                                                       Cosmetic Grade Ultramarine Pigments

The ultramarine family of colors includes blue, pink and violet.
Cosmetic Grade Powder Ultramarines (Blue, Pink, Violet)

Cosmetic Grade Powder Ultramarines (Blue, Pink, Violet)
Cosmetic Grade Powder Ultramarines (Blue, Pink, Violet)
Description: Inorganic, high-purity pigment. Insoluble, but miscible in water & oils. CAS# 57455-37-5.
Properties: Provides superior color purity & saturation, outstanding dispersibility, no aggregate formation. Stable and non-bleeding.

Use: Can be tinted with titanium dioxide to create different color shades.
Application: All kinds of color cosmetics (***Not for Lips***), personal care products.
Recommended Use: Powder Products (eye shadows, blushes, and face powders), nail lacquer, soap, creams, lotions, shampoos, and conditioners.
Recommended Use Rate: Up to 100%.

Sample Recipe for Ultramarine Blue

Usage: 1/2 oz will color approximately 22 lbs of product depending on the strength of color you want. Add a very small amount at a time until you get the desired result. Colors can be mixed together to create new colors.

Packaging Detail: 25 kgs Per Carton Or Drum, 300 kgs Per Pallet
Delivery Detail: If we have stocks, within 2 weeks, If not, within 4 weeks
Cosmetic Grade Powder Ultramarines (Blue, Pink, Violet)
Our samples kit contains all our 200 colors, 2-3 grams each color.
It's very good for you to have test on soap making and select colors.

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As a leading manufacturer of cosmetic colored micas, we can meet any of your customized requirements. Such as special packing, print your own logo, small order quantity, color match and so on.
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